War Report: HBWW Beginnings

This is the very first event I ever hosted. The original war report has been transferred here unchanged.

Note: Not all events will be in correct order and things will be missing due to the fact that I can’t exactly remember everything that happened that day.

So I wake up a bit early yesterday, the night before last night I got a cheap $4 pump gun at meijer’s, then in the morning I went to target to get my flash flood. (I should’ve picked up an overload too for dual wielding, it actually works, I’ll tell more later) Then I talk to Frank a bit and go around his house since our combat area was my house to the big ditch to his house, it was a great field to play in with all the cover provided near and in his area. Frank and Chris (someone down the street that Frank decided to invite) came over. Later I got the big CPS 2000 and CPS 2500 from Ed’s house (thanks to him for letting me borrow them), and after Mike finally comes, there turns out to have been a little war before it was supposed to start, Mike trying to scare and splash everyone with the 2500 while I used the hose , but later he helps me fill water balloons (thank god), then all the items (balloons and guns) were assembled together. We play some super smash, trying to make black holes with the glitches. One time me and Frank made 2 at Hyrule but I couldn’t find the camera to take a pic of it otherwise it’d be here. Unfortuantely we only made 1 this time at Hyrule so I thought it wasn’t worth taking a pic of. Mike also played some BF2 with the dumb bots, then David came, and then James. Later, after some patato chips and soda, we headed outside. I wanted to do several games, and started off with CTF. (unfortunately everyone but me was too tired by the end of the match to do king of the hill or man hunts) I tried using target indicators, but I used tape from the Dollar Tree store and it wouldn’t hold it on, so we left them in there. The teams were Me, David and James at my house, against Frank, Chris, and Mike.

I got the weapons together, here’s a list of them.

  • CPS 2000
  • CPS 2500
  • Flash Flood
  • Blastmaster 660
  • SC400
  • Splash X-798 (off brand piston gun)
  • Generic squirt gun
  • Water Bombs

That sums up the weaponry used at Hydro Brawl. If you want more on soakers (including stats and reviews), strategy, modding, etc. go to www.isoaker.com

Our team had the Splash pump gun, the Super Charger 400, the Flash Flood, a squirt gun no one used, and I carried the CPS 2000 while their team leader Mike carried the CPS 2500, and I believe Chris and Frank shared Mike’s Blastmaster 660. I instruct them to set up and I return to my base. I did some preperations (I.E. filling some guns) and started leaving the base, instructing David to take a defensive position with the hose (the flag was somewhere behind him hidden under a chimney), and James to scout and look for the flag. (he carried a flash flood) I take my CPS 2000, pumping it as I walk through the line of bushes, then I say “GO!”, firing a burst in the air to start the match. I pump some more to make up for that and sneak up to where mike was in a turrent-like emplacement inside Frank’s playground. He probably didn’t see me the while time, so I run up a bit, probably soaking someone else along the way, and, thanks to the big openings on the sides, I give him a good soak, then ran back of course. There, along the line of bushes we had a bit of a duel, we would hide and bring the gun up along the side and fire, later on I return to the base and set the CPS 2000 down, then Chris steals it and runs back to their base. I take the flash flood and the SC 400 and fill them up, some time when I was filling, mike took the box that contained the water bottles for quick reloads and the paper target indicators to somewhere in the grass, making a huge mess along the way and dumping a pringles’ can on the concrete. (yes, that’s what we used as flags, today, I cannot find some and some are missing caps, while some have broken caps, my trash can is also cracked at the bottom due to something I did not witness, but what I heard to be James having something to do with it) So I Flash Flood him a bit while he’s reloading his CPS 2500. Later on I go to Frank’s base, picking up the SC 400 (after refilling it), and it left James with the Splash and the squirt pistol, while David was still on the hose defending the base. I’m go ing along the bushes and get to their base. Using their hose to fill my FF several times as needed, I ran around and me and Frank had a little fight. He was carrying Mike’s 660 and I’d constantly FF his face while he charged along. When Chris would get in, he would be out of range yet still trying to fire at me, then I’d run up and drench him with the FF or a CPS 2000. To make a long story short, I kept going around his house trying to find the flag, while cardboard boxes used at my base were being transported, and after a long time of fighting Frank, Chris runs back with the flag. When I return to the base, I found out that David made some dumb trades of guns and water balloons to Chris, and James, without using a weapon, wasted all of our water balloons (but Chris also wasted their own, he missed his shots pretty badly), and then when our water balloons were out, James was using rocks…. WTH.

We go in and play some GCN and Mike goes on my comp, did some clean up, etc. then me and Mike go to Frank’s house to stay for a while, Frank plays KH2 while Mike watches and I’m just bored, then we watch some TV, found part of a Poke’mon episode (Frank has cable TV) and his dad got pizza for us. We go to the basement and the 2 are playing one of the custom robo games on Frank’s GCN, then we go to my house for CoD 2 and DDR Mario Mix. Later Frank leaves while me and Mike are on the comp, Mike was chatting with David T. (the one who plays drumset and moved to Taiwan a few days ago) Later I pack my soakers into my room, missing a bunch of stuff (pringles’ cans and water bottles) which I will probably search for today.