War Report: Uncontrolled Event

This was the first war to simply fail, which is almost always caused by a combination of poor planning, lack of foresight, and unwilling participants. Again, the report remains unedited.


Monster (2001)
(3) Splashzooka
(4) Flash Flood (one had a slight trigger problem that occured during the war)

Piranha (lost the cap during the war)
Tiger Shark

XP270, 110
Storm 750
(4) Arctic Shock
(2) Max-D 5000, (2) 3000

(about 4) unbranded squirt guns (camera, soak n wet, some other generic pistol)
Blastmaster 660

Water bottles, nozzles, 1 charger
CPH (pump broke)
WBL (bike pump broke)

Aquatic aSsault Squad (ASS) vs Ultima, 1 hit kill, infinite lives, spawn at front door of the base corresponding to the player’s team.

Perhaps the worst organized war I’ve ever had. The day before, I did water balloon filling and discussion with the wrong person, Kevin, and overall, things weren’t going as fast nor smoothly as they should’ve been. For the morning, he came early but so did someone else, and while the 2 had conflicts (can’t blame Mike for wanting to shoot him), we filled balloons like mad, none getting wasted, and we did a bucket in a few mins. Later, everyone gets to their base to look around, decide on flag position, recon, etc. On the way, someone trips over our “emergancy refill stations” (the mines), then when we get there, Kevin unscrews the hose and puts the hose clip on. Later they find it and spend some time wandering about it, then Kevin breaks the news to them. It was pretty funny, but we didn’t get to hose clip them during battle like we hoped to. (however, they still thought there was only one faucet/hose at that house and don’t know about the back faucet and hose) On the way back, they step on our mines again. We code named them chicken tenders, which was inspired by a funny video me and Kevin saw. Later, we’re still discussing, then some people arrive. We get them in, though the briefing was a bit messy later on. Sometime later, Chris calls me while I’m busy briefing everyone, then finally, he gets here later. (think my mom took him here) Forgetting his XP310 wasn’t such a problem considering how many air pressure guns were lying around. Richard also came, but without the “4 cannons” he said he’d bring. Instead, he had his Monster (2001), an SS50, some squirt guns, and some other stuff. Later on, we find that their only CPS weapons were the Pirahna (MY piranha, which some idiot loses the cap on) and Monster, and they complain about it so we gave them a 1200.

Well by this time, the war is starting up, guns are being filled, etc. Eric’s Splashzookas were quite a help, which were basically 2.2L of continuous, no-pumping soakage. (up to 30 seconds of firing) The rules were simple 1 hit kill by fist sized blast, respawn at front door of the base, yet a lot of people didn’t pay attention and missed it, our hoseman was using the backdoor to spawn and camped the flag. As we go through my route on the stealth mission, we get spotted by their group. We continue in and fight, then I get killed by Mike. Sometime along, Frank Z trips and his toe is bleeding, yet someone stole his guns anyway. As I go back to the base to spawn, someone says we scored. I believe Eric made this one, and some said he was cheating, getting shot at, and continuing to run. He says they were squirting at him and he couldn’t even feel the shots (nor did he check to see if the shots were hitting him). Later, we do something again, and sometime along, we tried another flanking of their base, then got spotted by someone who just spawned. He complains about us getting off property, which wouldn’t have been a problem if I had a chance to state the rules on off property. This time, the off-property areas weren’t allowed to be used as bases and that was it. On another base flank, some of their team backs them up, it was 4 against 3. I run in and make pulse shots at them, getting shot in the process. What sucked is that it was impossible to determine who got hit first, so I had to respawn, though I should’ve taken out 2 of their guys with me. Sometime along, I go along the main route to their base. I gun for mike, weaving in and out around the bushes, and get shot. Another time I’m going towards their base, I shoot at one person, then he shoots me, then I shot another guy, both shooting at me after they died. (and their deaths being first were pretty obvious) They insisted that I respawned so I did. Well, another time, we do make it to their base, and I use the buses as cover. Unfortunately, I was behind a bad tree for a while, getting easily spotted (this is exactly why we need camo), then Mike points the cannon through it and shoots me. Another time however, I go beneath the playground and fire at them, must’ve made a few kills before someone goes behind me and shoots me.

Of course, many others get complaints of cheating, not just flag runs but just in general. Sometime along, some neighborhood kids (had no freaking idea they’d come) showed up with a Flash Flood and Arctic Shock. They did a little balloon filling, and used the hose a lot. The nozzle had to be switched on the hose (since another nozzle got screwed up and was leaking like crap for some reason). Later… when I was making the 3rd flank at their base, I see them on motorbikes. Couldn’t do anything about it so we continued on and later I get complaints, as someone else on our team took one of theirs and made a flag capture with it. As the war started to end, 2 particular kids were fooling around. (which is quite an understatement actually) At least, everyone got to fire at him, and thank god neither of our parents saw that. Now you can imagine how many complaints there are, but then, their lack of decent guns gets even worse. They’ve been putting up with Arctic Shocks and an Overload the whole time, and since they didn’t know how to pump it up completely nor pre-charge them, it was no wonder they were only shooting less distance than squirt guns. But moving on, the lack of basic blaster use abilities comes out when Frank T’s Arctic Shock’s cap is sitting at my base (while his gun is at his base), and worse, some idiot loses my Piranha’s cap. At least, no straps were busted this time, but having 1 cap lost and 1 nearly lost is unacceptable, all you do is uncap, fill, cap, how stupid can they get? At least, the pre-charging wouldn’t have been an issue if I was given the time to brief everyone on it.

Well, that’s pretty much it, you can imagine what happened the rest of the war, whatever I forgot to fill in. Water balloons were quite a pain too. I’ve been picking up loads of that stuff as well as helping to fill them, yet haven’t used a balloon in battle at all for the history of our 2007 water warfare so far. The 1 hit kill mode was pretty ironic, I’d have to say.

Notes for next war:
-Limit players & selection
-1HK must have 12 or less players
-Less scathered air pressure guns
-Use different whistle patterns to mean different things
-Arrange guns in seperate reception boxes
-Create clips for bottles, balloons, pistols, etc.
-More buckets
-Pre-battle arrangements, training, full rules, setup, etc.
-Don’t hesitate to ban