War Report: 2v2 Skirmishes

I expected higher attendance out of this one, but it didn’t happen. We still had some good games though.

Type: 2 vs 2 Elimination
Location: Me and Frank’s house

-Me: CPS 1000, Max-D 3000, 1 water bottle
-Eric: CPS 1200
-Mike: CPS 2700, 1 water bottle
-Frank: CPS 2100, 1 water bottle

Score: 7(Ultima) to 3(ASS)

“Yeah, we’re just filling water balloons today for the game tomorrow.”

Actually, we were doing our delayed 2 vs 2 we were supposed to have last Wednesday. Also, I realised I couldn’t find my water balloons this morning for filling, so we just did the game anyway.

Basically, we were switching around bases quite a bit. Mike and Frank probably did a bit better keeping up with each other and coordinating attacks. We lose many of the first few rounds, then get 2 or 3 wins in a row. My methods of taking cover were crap at start and got a bit better later, but still didn’t do that well against Mike’s speed and shot dodging. He does it pretty good too, and combined with a high range gun, it wasn’t too easy to attack him. As for Frank, I got him with my pistol (Max-D 3000) once, but another time I kept focused on attacking him, which Mike used to sneak up and get a kill on me.

We had to do some modifications with the rules since it was getting pretty annoying deciding hits, and I’m still not set on how we should do it. We switched from fist sized (regardless of how well the shot was filled), to anything obvious and noticeable. Overall, it was still kind of hard, but once we choose how we do it (I’m thinking to reverting to fist sized or larger anything, including streams of droplets, but I don’t think they were really following that when we started), it should work better tomorrow.

On another one of our wins, me and Frank were out, leaving Eric and Mike to fight each other. Eric made good use of my sandbox turtle shell as a shield, which did pretty well in detering Mike’s shots. Eventually, Mike got in range and Eric got a kill. On the times we lost, it was often because my suicide charges into Mike didn’t work out too well. It was often hard to get him off guard and to get in range. However, I did manage to sneak by a pine tree and catch him hiding there, but we both got killed. Another time, we were dogfighting near Frank’s playground, and I duck down below and fired a shot that hit Mike just milliseconds before his hit mine.

Onto the rest of the game, they would employ divide and conquer tactics fairly well, but Mike’s speed and dodging accounted a lot, if not for most of their wins too. One would take one side and Mike would try to get around and hit them as we’re getting Frank. (though Eric usually got Frank pretty well)

Overall: Rate of fire and capacity issues were virtually gone here. I probably went down to no lower than 25% capacity for each fight, but I think that could be improved if I was faster, more accurate at hitting one who’s dodging, and getting in and out of effective range fast enough. However, since I’m not so fast, and he had somewhat better range, I had to strictly resort to rather different tactics. (sneaking, taking cover, etc.) The thing here is, I need a gun that’s easy to handle and has decent range. I would opt to use a backpack, but because of the lack of availability of them as well as the potential of their weight, I’d probably avoid them, at least for now. However, since the game tomorrow will probably last longer, I definately need to conserve better and improve my stealth. (At the least, the CPS 1000 has rather subtle colors compared to other guns, though the standard pink nozzle doesn’t help. At the moment, camo painting or even simply placing a tarp over the gun is not an option)

One thing the others probably won’t know tomorrow however, are my plans to do light K-mods on both my 1200 and 1000. The last time I attempted a K-mod, the PRV went off with 2 pumps at only 15 balloons, which was on the 2100. I have some doubts as to how well it’ll work on my other 2 guns but it’s well worth a try. Because I’m paranoid, and might not always count my pumps, I’m currently kind of against a PRV removal/disable.
to do:
-kmod 1200&1000
-setup base
-SC400 repairs

06/23/07 @ 14:00

Well, another battle today. About 12 people were invited, at least 6 were supposed to show up, and we got 4. People either didn’t reply to my invitations at all, but someone’s birthday party had a good deal to do with it. Yes, no one told me about any parties until 2 days before this, so I decided to carry on.

Score was about 5 or 6 to 8 today, 2 vs 2, but the teams got mixed quite a bit. It was pretty much the same as yesterday but this time it was mostly me and Frank vs Mike and Jerry. (Eric had to go to his cottage) Most of the time, Frank was carrying the 2100 (even though I urged him to take the 15-balloon 12000), while I carried my 10-balloon 10000, Max-D 3000, and 2 water bottles this time. Mike used his Blastmaster 660 for the first game, but ditched it for the 12000 because of the lack of range. Jerry used the 2700 most of the time.

We did our usual base alternations, with one attacking the other. Moving up along the bushes was nearly the same as yesterday, though I probably did a bit better advancing along stealthily. On our first win, I went out, danced, beat boxed, and acted stupid cause it was funny and it seemed to make a good distraction to cover up attacks. (though I forgot how it was carried out exactly) My aim was still quite off (either out of range, or tap shooting when I should’ve used solid shots since he was in range), and still, some suicide charges and sneak ups didn’t work on Mike, while a few others did.

My dodging might have been slightly better, while my attempts to attack while under cover never worked as well due to range. Mike often stayed in the open, charging in and out of range, just as he often did yesterday. My attempts to set up ambushes and try to lead the targets anywhere were futile. The best way to go about might have been to try to take out Jerry first, then suicide charge into Mike, but since they weren’t far apart that often (and sometimes had us surrounded), it wouldn’t have really worked.

Well thats about it, the next step would be a good soaking to those who didn’t make it nor say anything about it, and just to those who deserve one.