War Report: Attempted Game at Boulan Park

Most of the information on this event is yet again contained on the iSoaker forums. Here is the link:

The postings tell of some of HBWW’s darker times, where lack of awareness of the surrounding community’s lack of intelligence and the sheer impulse to simply get a game going caused some drama. The people in the park called the police overĀ brightly colored plastic toys, and the event had some negative impact on the organizer of Mizukage Tactical Unit (who faced far worse problems from the public there than my group did). While I am unsure on whether or not the times have changed at all, we are not likely to hold games in the same area again.

MTU is currently no longer active in the water warfare community, though I may try to get in contact with him again sometime.

In the end, we all learned from the event, and were able to explore how water warfare fits into everything else of our lives, an aspect that’s not often looked at.

Quick Game at Firefighter’s Park

Again, no official war report, just a forum post.

The forum thread:

The post:

We got there a little late, then some others who were more late came later. Unfortunately, my measly armory wasn’t able to cover everyone really well but everyone had a soaker at least. We fought around the picnic area and tried to do assault-defend on the playground, which lasted a round until some kids went on so most of the action was in the woods. There were slight conflics w/ frisbee golfers telling people to get out of the way as they retreated but for the most part it worked out.

Details. We just did teams, 1HK elimination for the most part and ended with an FFA survival and then just plain screwing around unorganized soakfesting. In the woods, theres lots of open area and the trees provide sparse cover. Emphasis was mostly on speed and being able to coordinate and break up enemy formations. Since the war was just amongst ourselves, we split up, seemingly between those who could dodge and charge quickly and those who could not. 0_o The fact that they got 1 more long-range soaker didn’t help, but our team couldn’t coordinate and people wouldn’t pay attention to their surroundings. Seriously, when the ground is that opened and our formation can get flanked and chargers can run through so easily, thats when you know your team is… to put it nicely; having problems. Everyone was trying to go after the wrong people and the other team was able to split us up, against my explicit orders to maintain a certain spread and to watch all sides. For the most part, a lot of us got eliminated pretty quickly without getting many, or sometimes any kills. My aim was also pretty bad today but I didn’t compensate enough by using more long shots instead of tap shots, which is essential at that range against fast dodgers. Speedwise, my pistol and empty water balloon canister was weighing and slowing me down a bit more than I expected.

I’m not sure if we’ll be fighting in those woods again. (not soon, anyway) Aside from the picnic shelter, there’s not enough cover around and enough places to sneak up and attack. Next up will most likely be around a playground, but problem is, around and most likely not on since they’re usually being populated, unless its raining well. (as with the war w/ MTU at Novi a few weeks ago)

This is actually our first time fighting in the woods. But where we can play, theres no thick bushes or anything to go around, just some trees here and there to hide behind. I’ll see what I can do later on.