War Report: Season Opener of 2010

The war report was written almost a month after it happened, so not surprisingly, it is quite short.

Full forum post here:

Our season opener this year was on May 30th. Since my parents weren’t home, I put up quite some big plans but a lot of them didn’t quite follow through. Nonetheless, we did end up having quite a number of games despite relatively poor turnout. On average, there were almost always 5 players at a time since people kept leaving and coming, but the average seldom changed from 5 players.

So with that, we played a good mix of defense/assault games. Infection and 1-flag CTF were the main games. Infection went fairly interestingly; one time I was infected and charged into the base with the sled as a riot shield, scoring a kill along the way. On the team based defense games, I, being on the smaller team, nerfed a lot of factors for the larger team, such as giving them more strict time limits, etc. It didn’t work out that nicely, but we still played and it was quite fun. Later, we degenerate things into a soakfest and I ended up drenched after getting hosed down. People were carrying dual VHS’s and leaving the valves open for a double torrential downpour of high pressured tap water. Even with a shield and large plastic tarp, I didn’t stand much of a chance. Later, I manage to shut down the hoses and get some good shots at those who wielded them. I used my 12k for most of that day.

Later, we go inside and take a break, eat, etc. Parent’s weren’t home so we goofed around quite a bit. I got a video of it too but it’s not around right now. (Only of the goofing around, not the water wars.) After some more people came over, we waited until it got dark enough for nighttime wars.

We played two rounds of elimination. It was, again, 2v3 and I was on the team of two. However, we had the advantage of my friend’s base which has plenty of vegetation. It wasn’t pitch black dark yet, but it was definitely dark enough to help with concealment considerably which you can never get enough of on a battlefield like mine. We lost the first round but won the second by waiting; camping for the enemy team to come. When they did, I was able to make a few kills by charging out and attacking those who were persuing my teammate, and we won with me as the last one alive.

Unfortunately, it had to end there. Misquitos were getting very bad and I didn’t pull out the bugspray, so people didn’t want to play anymore. We ended up going back inside and everyone left shortly after. (Except a friend who stayed around for a bit.)