War Report: Season Starter Skirmish (2011)

This is the first war of 2011; went quite well and new games were experimented with.

Location: Troy, MI

Attendance: 3-4 Players

Games played:
> 1-flag CTF
> 1-target Soakn’ Dunk
> 1HK elimination
> Soakfest
> Epic WBL target practice

I was in a real rush after I woke up again; had to setup the base and move all the water guns downstairs and out the backyard. This time I also hooked up a computer by a window to show the official 2011 HBWW game map and hooked up another computer to blast music, with a stereo system’s speakers pointed at an open window. However, I later decided against this and shut the windows to avoid accidents. The day before, I was scrambling to get water guns repaired and to make the new pump work. So far, no problems, but the CPH was not cooperating; the pump kept bouncing (air trapped between pump seal and water, happens all the time for backpack based blasters) which was incredibly annoying, and I stopped using it eventually.

Only one of my friends showed up first and it took about 1 and a half hours for #2 to show up. After that we did some FFA skirmishes; 1HK elimination and attempted a few single-sided games where one player takes turns defending, but nothing worked out so I didn’t bother anymore. We did another elimination round and broke off into a soakfest.

After that we moved to target practice. We shot about 10-20 balloons from the PWN323MB and PWN312BS. One of the shots was targeted for the playground (see map). I fired at 40 PSI but it went much farther than I expected and nearly hit Base-T. It landed on the patio of the house and was less than a foot from hitting the wall.

We did a next series of shots with targets spaced out after. Very difficult to hit and we didn’t get even close to many of them. The launchers generally performed surprisingly well today, and many shots tended to go too far instead of too short. We also only had one in 10 balloons or less burst before exiting the barrel. There were only one or two shots that failed today. Performance decreased as the sabots for the 312 wore out, and some shots curved pretty badly as a result. We also fired two shotgunned shots, w/ four balloons each stacked up. Amazing stuff, despite being very inaccurate. Sometime along, one of the shots I fired hit the back wall of the church flat on, and afterwards, someone else fired a shot that well directly over the church.

After that, I took a last shot at the driveway of HQ and fired a balloon to the park (way off-map) which was about 400-500ft away. I don’t know how far it went into the park, but I know there were people playing baseball there who would’ve seen the shot land, which we never found. After that, someone else arrived and we did some 2v2 games. We didn’t do 1HK elimination but we went directly to assault/defend games. We tried 1-flag CTF at first but switched to single-sided Soakn’ Dunk.

Soakn’ Dunk is really just a variant Soakn’ Destroy with a completely new type of objective we invented on the spot: the Ball and Container objective. Earlier, someone wanted to fire a tennis ball from the 323 so we did just that, and the ball was later used as part of the objective for the game we played.

Here’s how the Ball and Container worked: We had a medium-large sized cooler and to score, one has to open the cooler and get the ball inside. Once opened, the cooler may not be closed again by the defending team, and when hit, the person carrying the ball may choose to leave the ball in the area (which defense, again, cannot touch), or may choose to bring it back and try to toss it into the cooler. Time limit per round was 2:30 at first but was moved to 3:30 later. Since I only had two watches, we had one Wait Spawn Point for defense at the base near the cooler, with a spawning interval of 10 seconds. Assault got an Instant Spawn Point well outside the base slightly to the northwest of the fruit trees area. (No mines were placed so ignore those.)

This was a tricky game that needs some fine-tuning. We allowed defense to use one hose and consequentially, no one was able to score. Also, the pressure in the 10k got stuck yet again and I had to unscrew it and pull the valve manually afterwards. I will eventually make a better solution for that as several other water guns need it too. In addition, the trigger for the 2500 somehow broke again, which I’ll also have to take care of as it’s not even mine.

Didn’t do much after the war, just hung around. As usual, no pictures; I already have too much to worry about without having to get a camera out and about.

To do:
– Write-up on new pump solution, and perhaps see how long it’ll last.
– Add Ball and Cooler objective and specify games.
– Fix crap.
– Strange new idea: Basketball and Net objective; a merger of two sports!
– Fix more crap.
– Expand further on games that are friendly to 3, 4, and 5 players.
– Did I mention, fix crap?

Will repost this to other places later, depending how busy/lazy I am.

Edit: Dunk n’ Destroy renamed to Soakn’ Dunk.

Edit: More details:

Skirmish Elimination: First match we did, hoses were only allowed for refilling. Game was 3-player FFA. For the most part, I ran across the battlefield for a good portion of the game in trying to avoid being targeted so that the other 2 players would eliminate one or both of each other. This worked out initially, as I spawned to the north of Fruit Trees and just south of Pines. After a lot of running about, I met up with one of the players and exchanged a few far-ranged shots intended to keep distance. Later, I charged all the way to the Front of Base-T to loose him, before the other player took him out. After that, I lost the last engagement w/ the remaining player, which took place to the north of the Playground and close to the Tall Trees. Anyway, I used a CPS 2k with MD2k sidearm.

Skirmish Elimination (Hoses Allowed): Allowing hoses didn’t change too much, except for when I made an ill-timed charge to shut off one of them and got hit before it happened. A similar incident happened later in Soakn’ Dunk, but I successfully shut down the hose the moment I was hit. Before that, I also ran about the area and tried to stay hidden while observing the action, but later someone charged me so I ran out from the Bush Line (where I started that round) and ran from south between the two off-limits houses and my demise took place at HQ’s Front hose instead of near Base-T. For this round, I used a 12k and Flash Flood instead of the 2k. I dropped the FF at one point after firing off a shot and got it quite messy.

After this, we broke off into a soakfest. Nothing unusual, just people running around with hoses, and me running around with my 12k and a shield.

In the middle of all this, we attempted a different single-sided soakfest game. One player gets all the guns and both hoses, and the other two have 30 seconds to try to score a hit using water containers only. I said water bottles only, but I was hit quickly with a water balloon canister (large drink cup w/ hook for putting on a belt) shortly after the round started. The idea was to alternate defending players, but I quickly gave up on this game, and the 4th player joined us anyway while we were shooting water balloons.

1-flag CTF: Spawn rules needed adjustment and made this game extensively difficult for the attacking team. After the first round where neither team scored, I adjusted the rules and changed the objective to the Ball and Cooler.

Soakn’ Dunk: 2v2. Initially, we gave defense a 15-second spawning time. They lost miserably since they didn’t use the one hose they were allowed to until I made note of it later, and we reduced their spawn time to 10 seconds. The main difference however, is that they made use of their hose, which neither team could score against while attacking. At one point, I shut the hose off, but it got re-activated later. At another point, I was suppressed behind one of the tall bushes as the hose rained down, and to my dismay, I was stuck there as my 12k shots could not get a kill. The hose guy couldn’t and didn’t get me either, based on the rules we went with. However, when it was our turn to defend, I switched places with same guy I was dealing with in the previous round; I was at the hose and he was behind the bush. However, that time, I charged after him (he wasn’t carrying anything with decent range) and drove him out. I’d say we did a bit better attacking than the other team, as my teammate managed to get the Cooler open, but it fell shut again as he did the job in haste.

Overall, a fairly fun small event but as happens too often, I couldn’t get enough people to attend so we did what we could. General rule of thumb is to expect no more than 1/3 of those you invite to show up, but in this case 1/5 or less is a much more accurate figure. Also, if you schedule a war at 2:00pm, be prepared for most of those who would actually show up to show up after 3:00 or 4:00. Extremely annoying, but nothing unusual.