It’s been a while. Very well over a month. There’s a few things to update on though.

First is Hydropocalypse, an upcoming community event taking place on May 19th to 20th. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it. Check the WaterWar.net forum postings and/or the Facebook event page for details. To put it shortly, the majority of the water warfare online community will meet in a 2-3 day event involving a huge variety of games. Games in the woods, over varied terrain, and even naval wars with boats and water balloon launcher cannons in a d-day style landing defense game will be played.

Next, I am working on two projects. The workshop hasn’t been touched in a long time, but I have things to tend to on the computer, such as 7 hours of water warfare footage that was taken last summer which I never finished editing. Or a water warfare FPS game. More details on that to come.

Here’s a preview of the upcoming video.

Lastly, while I can’t make it to the community water war, I can at least make it to a Free-For-All event hosted by Lone Wolf East. It’s a day of free play and rental; just have to pay for ammo.

Edit: Video is finished. Watch it here.