What’s next for HBWW?

Summer has passed halfway and several things have changed and gone by. I’ll put it shortly.

– Community war Hydropocalypse went quite well. I didn’t get to go, but everything on it is online. Just check out Facebook or WaterWar.net for more on it.

РCommunity war Downpour is being scheduled. See here for more info.

– I attempted a water war a long time ago back in May. No luck, and no one showed up. This does not encourage me to spend more time and effort trying to host wars that no one will show up to, especially given how busy I’m starting to get.

– I went up north with friends a few weeks ago, had a short 2v2 game. Didn’t get to post a whole lot on it though.

No progress on mods and other work. I did however, get a job with web design, which means I may eventually make use of my newfound web skills for HBWW. But that’ll be for later.

I’m caught up in a bad time right now. I’m going to be super-busy in the upcoming weeks with work combined with a summer class and don’t know where I’ll go from there nor know how much free time I have. That’s why I haven’t updated HBWW much.

We’ll see how it all goes from here. Don’t expect a whole lot for now.