Turns out my GoPro got lost in a lake, and we never found it. No footage of anything, and we didn’t even have a water war, so no war reports. Nothing to show.

HBWW is de-facto shutdown for the season. I’ll post if there are updates on stuff like Project Soaking Trident, or Workshop repairs/updates. It hasn’t been a particularly eventful season; I never even got to host any full events this time. However, that doesn’t mean we’re dead, it just means things have winded down, but in time, when life has settled, I’ll be able to push back. I’ll find time to repair blasters, make new equipment, and host new wars. Next year, I plan to attend the Community War and that will gather a lot of good footage.

That said, I got the GoPro replaced as needed. This time it will not get lost, now that I know how not to loose it. (i.e. Don’t use the head strap.)