Packing Up

My new GoPro is ready, and I’m gathering all electronics I intend to use on the trip. I intend to be more or less fully connected; 4G LTE coverage is good in the area, I saved up data, and can tether easily since I have my phone rooted properly. I aim to make day-by-day updates here when each day is finished and as I wind down, writing war reports and getting photos/videos together as I go. Expect much.

Today, I tested the repair on a broken XP 270 I got from a garage sale. Still leaks, got to see if it’s something I messed up or if the epoxy simply isn’t holding up. I won’t bother anymore with it however, until this weekend is over. (Though I may be too busy playing Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the 3DS at the time, which comes out this Sunday. Seriously, it’s been at least 11 years since the first one.)

Lastly, I am exploring ways for other members of the community who are not attending to be able to tune into a live stream during the water war. I opened a uStream account, but may not be able to do much live due to the data cap. I will investigate this further as I go, and may go more for text/photo updates of the event.

Here is my channel:

I will post later if/when I schedule a live stream. All streams will be saved and will be taken from my phone.

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