It’s Time to Step Things Up

For too long have I sat around in Troy, having little water wars and not getting out there and doing something big. As you can probably tell from my last war report, I’ve opened eyes up to much larger-scale wars. Are they better? I don’t know yet because I think all playing environments and conditions have their own merits. But I should most certainly aim to explore more games that involve large areas of undeveloped woods where you can only refill from natural sources.

HBWW can expand in scope here by adopting the water warfare community’s games, tactics, and playing. From this, I have taken a new approach to finding places; seek the woods! Following is a list of places that look promising on Google Maps.

  • Jaycee/Farmstead Park + Clinton River Trail, Sterling Heights
  • Stoney Creek Park, Rochester
  • River Woods Park, Auburn Hills
  • Riverbend Park, Rochester Hills
  • Raintree Park, Troy
  • Firefighter’s Park, Troy
  • Boulan Park, Troy
  • Huber Park, Troy
  • Stone Haven neighborhood, Troy
  • Corn Maze and Haunted Maze, Bloomfield Hills
  • River Bends Park, Shelby Township
  • Holland Ponds, Shelby Township

League Season Opener videos/photos are still not sorted out yet, but you can find some on the Facebook Water Warfare Page.

If there’s anything that’s held me back, it’s that I haven’t been able to stir real, long-term interest in water warfare with anyone. Plus the thought of people borrowing all my best blasters and going on a large playing area isn’t exactly comfortable.

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