HydroBrawl Water Warfare 2013: Quick Skirmish

Formerly HBWW: Refill, Release, Reunion (R³) but I will schedule that event at another time.

It’s time to get started with 2013’s season!

Game: 1-Hit-Scores
– Players receive a point for hitting an opponent.
– Majority of the stream’s water must land on opponent to count as hit.
– Do not shoot back if you were hit first. If you do, let them know. Shots fired BEFORE you’re hit all count.
– You have unlimited lives. Respawn near a teammate and away from opponents/combat.
– Must wait at least 30 seconds (depending on game) to spawn. You may take longer than that time, but not less.

– Be honest: Call your hits.
– Resolve hit conflicts/disputes when they happen.
– Unresolvable disputes will result either in both players being counted as hit, or nothing happening.
– Stay within bounds. Avoid non-participants.
– You are accountable for any equipment you borrow. Don’t litter.

Alternatively, we can play elimination where teams share the same pool of lives. Same spawning and other rules apply.

Invite your friends! Post all questions/comments here.

Scheduling is still in the works.

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