Other Blasters

Most blasters listed here are piston powered, but other miscellaneous items may also be listed.

Piston powered blasters operate quite simply. Most are only a pump, which draws water and expells it when operated, though some blasters include a pressure chamber since without one, a continuous stream cannot be generated. Some pressure chambers are even held shut by a valve that is activated after the pressure chamber reaches a certain power level. More on piston pumpers can be found in the Workshop section.

At HBWW, a blaster is classified as pump/piston powered if it lacks a pressure chamber, or if it lacks a manually operated valve to open and release pressure. This distinction draws the line between blasters practical for water warfare and blasters that are not. Motorized blasters also make this list, unless they have a pressure chamber and trigger.

Following lists many miscellaneously categorized blasters, both old and modern:

  • Power Soaker Series, Lil’ Squirts Series, XP Pool Pumpers, Pens/Keychains
  • Storm 2500
  • Shield Blaster
  • X-Stream BlastMaster 660
  • Water Blaster Water Cannon Series
  • Stream Machine Series
  • Super Soaker Vaporizer, Helix, Splashfire, EES Sonic, Soakin’ Cellphone, Quick blast, Sneak Attack, Bottle Shot, Transformers Bumblebee, Nerf SS Scatter Blast, Tornado Strike, Shot Blast, Bottle Blitz
  • Water Warriors Glo Blaster, Wasp, Avenger, 5th Dimension, Kwik Grips/KG XL, Steady Stream, Cross Fire, Gremlin, Warlock, Pulse Force, M16, Hydro Blast, Power Shots, Shark, Hydro Pulse, Power Pulse, Splat Blaster, Power Squirt

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