Games: Symmetrical

Symmetrical games are characterized by giving all teams as fair and even playing conditions as possible. Games will almost never be perfectly symmetrical, but their organizational structure may be.


Classic Soakfest

  • Literally the backyard run-around that kids do; just shooting around and assorted nonsense. It’s typically not even considered a game at all but of course, is always fun to do from time to time. Can be played Free-For-All or in teams.

Hide-and-go-Soak Capture-the-Flag

  • Each team has one Flag and Delivery Point.
  • Team’s Flag is hidden within a certain vicinity of their Base.
  • Every player is invincible, and do not have to drop flags they are carrying if hit.
  • First team to find opponent’s Flag amidst all the chaos and captures it wins.
  • Recommended at least 6 players.

Infinite Lives:

Standard Capture-the-Flag

  • Each team has Flag and Delivery Point (usually one of each).
  • Both teams have infinite lives and Spawn Points in their base.
  • Team scores when enemy’s Flag is delivered to their Delivery Point.
  • Players carrying any Flag must drop it if they are hit.
  • After scoring, game pauses to allow everything to reset.
  • Time limit required for inconclusive games.
  • Recommended at least 6 players.

Soakn’ Destroy

  • Structured exactly like Standard CTF
  • Involves either the Attack Target or Container Target instead of the Flag and Delivery Point.
  • The Bomb and Target objective may also be used. See the Briefing page for details.


  • Known as Deathmatch elsewhere, each player counts how many times they are hit, and by whom.
  • Players who are hit are temporarily eliminated and must spawn according to the rules of the game.
  • Game ends when a certain score is reached by either team, or if a time limit runs out.
  • Officially played by water warfare community.


One-Hit-Eliminates (a.k.a. One-Hit Kills)

  • Standard elimination game. Last team standing wins.
  • Players who are eliminated are gone from the round for good.
  • May be played with multiple lives, i.e. 2-Hits-Eliminate or more. Regular spawning rules apply for multiple lives.

Team Elimination

  • Team shares one “pool” of lives.
  • When depleted, no one on the team may spawn anymore for the round.

Team Magic Hammer

  • Each team receives one object called the Hammer. This may be represented by, say, a pool foam noodle if available.
  • Players who are hit by opposing water attacks must freeze in place. They may then be revived by the team’s Hammer, or eliminated by the opponent’s Hammer.
  • To revive, both players must stay in place, and the frozen player is to be tapped 10 times with the Hammer.
  • To eliminate, simply give one tap to the frozen opponent with the Hammer. (If the Hammer is represented by a foam pool noodle or other safe object, you may smack that opponent with it to humiliate them. Not too hard though.)
  • Players carrying the Hammer when hit must drop it and freeze.
  • If opponents are alive when they are hit with a Hammer, the opponent is eliminated instantly and a score bonus goes to the player that performed the elimination.
  • If both Hammers hit each other (from two players on opposing teams getting into a Hammer fight), both players are eliminated immediately and drop the Hammers where they are.
  • Players may use the opponent’s Hammer to perform eliminations on the team that owns it, or revive their own teammates with the opponent’s Hammer.
  • Game ends if one team is eliminated, or if one player comes in possession of both teams’ Hammers simultaneously.
  • Recommended 6 to 24 players.

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