Frozen Fury 2013

I haven’t maintained this in a while, as I’ve been occupied with other projects. One of them is a video from last year’s Frozen Fury, one of the water war events of Check it out.


Going down…

Downpour was a blast. Unfortunately, I never took the time to write up a full war report, just a quick review.

At this point, I’d rather just maintain forum posts, since those get read by a larger audience than HBWW. I will simply leave this place as is and try to push content elsewhere; where it may be more useful to more people.

I spend too much time working these days. When I’m not, I spend the remaining free time on video games. I just need a break, an escape, from the monotony of doing the same thing for 8 hours a day. I do love my job, but it wears me down.

Anyway, perhaps later, I’ll turn around and fill in any gaps left from my hiatus on here.

Lots of Events, Little Updating

It’s been about two months since the League Season Opener (MOAB), and a lot has happened then. I’ve hosted two water wars and worked on a few workshop projects, from things as minor as VHS reconfiguration, to the new APH that’s ready for action.

Soakemore is upcoming. You can read about it at A lot of projects have shifted towards preparing for this. There will be naval wars as well as ground, and will be my first time in proper naval water warfare. (Boat on boat and beach landing.)

All my work/updates are most current on WWn, but I don’t have quite as much time to keep things as current here. I will update HBWW whenever I’m able to.

It’s Time to Step Things Up

For too long have I sat around in Troy, having little water wars and not getting out there and doing something big. As you can probably tell from my last war report, I’ve opened eyes up to much larger-scale wars. Are they better? I don’t know yet because I think all playing environments and conditions have their own merits. But I should most certainly aim to explore more games that involve large areas of undeveloped woods where you can only refill from natural sources.

HBWW can expand in scope here by adopting the water warfare community’s games, tactics, and playing. From this, I have taken a new approach to finding places; seek the woods! Following is a list of places that look promising on Google Maps.

  • Jaycee/Farmstead Park + Clinton River Trail, Sterling Heights
  • Stoney Creek Park, Rochester
  • River Woods Park, Auburn Hills
  • Riverbend Park, Rochester Hills
  • Raintree Park, Troy
  • Firefighter’s Park, Troy
  • Boulan Park, Troy
  • Huber Park, Troy
  • Stone Haven neighborhood, Troy
  • Corn Maze and Haunted Maze, Bloomfield Hills
  • River Bends Park, Shelby Township
  • Holland Ponds, Shelby Township

League Season Opener videos/photos are still not sorted out yet, but you can find some on the Facebook Water Warfare Page.

If there’s anything that’s held me back, it’s that I haven’t been able to stir real, long-term interest in water warfare with anyone. Plus the thought of people borrowing all my best blasters and going on a large playing area isn’t exactly comfortable.

So about those updates…

The League Season Opener’s been going great. Completely different than any kind of water warfare I’ve hosted or played in, it has been a very exhausting last few days, but I’ve also learned a ton and have a lot to integrate to HBWW.

Not as much video footage as expected was collected, but there’s a lot. And in addition to others’ footage collected, potentially enough to edit into a promo video.

Of course, it’ll all take time; all the war reports (of which we even have scores), pictures, etc. will take time to get online. As always, HBWW and will get it all first!

Packing Up

My new GoPro is ready, and I’m gathering all electronics I intend to use on the trip. I intend to be more or less fully connected; 4G LTE coverage is good in the area, I saved up data, and can tether easily since I have my phone rooted properly. I aim to make day-by-day updates here when each day is finished and as I wind down, writing war reports and getting photos/videos together as I go. Expect much.

Today, I tested the repair on a broken XP 270 I got from a garage sale. Still leaks, got to see if it’s something I messed up or if the epoxy simply isn’t holding up. I won’t bother anymore with it however, until this weekend is over. (Though I may be too busy playing Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for the 3DS at the time, which comes out this Sunday. Seriously, it’s been at least 11 years since the first one.)

Lastly, I am exploring ways for other members of the community who are not attending to be able to tune into a live stream during the water war. I opened a uStream account, but may not be able to do much live due to the data cap. I will investigate this further as I go, and may go more for text/photo updates of the event.

Here is my channel:

I will post later if/when I schedule a live stream. All streams will be saved and will be taken from my phone.

An Exciting New Prospect

The League is starting a new war on the weekend of March 22nd in NC! I was presumed unable to attend due to my schedule, then suddenly I managed to be able to make it! Got the flight booked and put my own hard-earned dollars to a pretty pricey airline ticket, but it will be well worth it.

Expect an explosion of content from this war. There will be at least one video (additional videos unrelated to the war but to water warfare promo pending), a map, and a battle report. I’ll likely have to bring my laptop just to be able to keep up with all this so that I can write new battle reports everyday of the event. I return home on the following Monday; March 25th.

I have thought of migrating HBWW again to a free host running WordPress. The reason is so that I can have full control over the site without having to pay just to be able to run my own CSS files or page skins. However, that would take a lot of time just to get the files over, and I wouldn’t be able to enable comments due to spam ( has a filter). I decided I will stick to for the foreseeable future; the default skins and themes look nice enough anyways, even if I can’t personalize it to be my own design. (Hey, saves me time even though I’ve acquired the skills for it through work.)

I’ve also been extremely stagnant on HBWW workshop stuff. There’s virtually no content on the workshop and I haven’t touched it in months. Still got guns to repair, including some blasters I got from a garage sale a few months ago. If something happens on the workshop that’s noteworthy, I will post about it here.

The Dead-Beat of the Off-Season

Like I said, not much has gone on, but we’re reaching that time of the year again. Even without all the forums, online posts, events, etc. I still feel it in my blood; the emergence of a new season, that time you know where it’s time to get started again. I can’t help but wonder if I’ll put more effort into this season and bring the level of activity back to where it was before, but I wonder this same thing every year, and it always ends up with the same response: We’ll see how it goes.

Haven’t touched anything needing repairs yet. Haven’t bothered with Project Soaking Trident either. I have a lot of free time now, but a lot of it is getting wasted away. Other times, I’m just busy with my other hobby: building roller coasters. =p It’s interesting how little changes in the end.

I may fire up Project Soaking Trident sometime. I should; it’s been too long since I’ve worked on it.


Turns out my GoPro got lost in a lake, and we never found it. No footage of anything, and we didn’t even have a water war, so no war reports. Nothing to show.

HBWW is de-facto shutdown for the season. I’ll post if there are updates on stuff like Project Soaking Trident, or Workshop repairs/updates. It hasn’t been a particularly eventful season; I never even got to host any full events this time. However, that doesn’t mean we’re dead, it just means things have winded down, but in time, when life has settled, I’ll be able to push back. I’ll find time to repair blasters, make new equipment, and host new wars. Next year, I plan to attend the Community War and that will gather a lot of good footage.

That said, I got the GoPro replaced as needed. This time it will not get lost, now that I know how not to loose it. (i.e. Don’t use the head strap.)

Moving Along…

Most activity from me regarding water warfare has been on the forums. Not a whole lot is going on as usual, but perhaps this will make things a bit more interesting.

Yes, my new GoPro HERO2. Great for you know what! Expect video footage in maybe a month or something lol.

Anyway, I will be up north for the next almost-week. I’ll likely be too busy afterwards to develop anything waterwarfare-wise though. We’ll see.