The New Workshop

So, several updates today, including new pictures.

In the past few weeks, I have…

  • Obtained the Tie Not water balloon tying system.
  • Obtained a Monster XL.
  • Moved to the new workshop and started repairs/mods.
  • Full-cycle tested almost all water blasters.
No pictures of the new Monster XL unfortunately, but I’ll probably just get an entire armory picture up once I have everything repaired.
First, the Tie-Not:

Back in the summer of 2007, I couldn’t tie water balloons at all, and needed a paper clip to do it which took minutes per balloon. Later on, I learned to tie pretty well, but I still got this for people who can’t tie, or for its possibly increased speed and reliability of tying. I say possibly because I haven’t used it enough yet to decide, though if it speeds up tying, I may use it during games to fill balloons after filling them up with the blaster.

New Workshop Photos

Most of the working area is shown above. There’s a lot more space than where I used to work; the family room!

VHS’s are out. XP 270 and CPS 2700 under repair. I have to fix the 2700’s trigger and plan to k-mod it lightly.

CPH. Last summer, the inner LRT tube busted open. Instead of just replacing it and moving along, I decided to switch to balloons as an experiment with more power, but the different casing needs may end up becoming a problem.

Intake tube mod for CPS 2700 reservoir. Will eventually try this to other blasters if it works out and allows me to use more water without getting in air. Will explain and document this modification more as time goes on, especially to those who are looking at it and thinking “WTF” right now. (Some explanation is present in a post here:

You can slightly see the results of the intake tube mod from the outside here.