Rules of Engagement

If you have read up on the Briefing section, you’ll recognize these rules as Organizational-Specific rules.

Local Water Warfare Rules

  • Use common sense.
  • Pay attention when games are being explained.
  • Play by specified rules, arena boundaries, etc. Do not go too close to others’ houses that aren’t part of the game.
  • Be careful with, and do not damage property and equipment.
  • Turn off hoses when not in use.
  • Additional rules may be added in on the field as needed
  • Equipment and attacks are strictly limited to clean water streams and water balloons. Blaster internals must be clean enough to shoot water at others without being a hazard of any kind. The only exception so far is the use of pool noodles in certain games.
  • Equipment rules may be changed on a per-game basis, meaning you may not be allowed to use certain equipment in certain games.
  • Help clean up.

Water Balloon Launchers

  • Only use as much pressure as you need: Never exceed 80PSI.
  • Always treat the launchers as if they were loaded. Never look down the barrel, and keep hands off trigger/firing mechanism until ready to fire.
  • Always carry the launcher properly, especially when moving around.
  • You (the person who fires a launcher) are responsible for any injuries and/or property damage you cause.
  • Improper equipment handling (such as handling it in a way that can cause damage to it) will revoke your privilege of using the mishandled equipment.

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