The Off-Season

The Off-Season is a new section coming to HBWW to cover more about our official off-season, alternative to water warfare: Nerf! Now Nerf is far better documented than water warfare, and has a much larger community. I do not have anywhere near the same background in Nerf as I do in water warfare, so this section will be very limited in scope and size compared to the rest of the site.

HBWW’s Nerf armory is large like its water-shooting neighboring armory, but there is far less experimental equipment and modding. That said, there are many blasters I’ve repaired of varying difficulty. My Stefan (homemade) darts are junk, but the CPVC modded blasters I have get quite some range, enough that I would not want them used indoors in some situations.

The Off-Season will be updated as time carries on and as our Nerf games start up for the winter. Nerf events will not be listed on the Events section of HBWW, and never have been.

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