The concepts for arranging indoor Nerf games come right from Briefing. This time however, I have not categorized the games. A lot remains the same though, for example, hit rules can be differed in Nerf games, such has having one hit eliminations (simple), eliminations depending which body part is hit (medium), and/or different “damage” amounts for different blasters (complex).


Same as the one listed for water warfare, though elimination games play differently indoors with Nerf.


Similar to the water warfare version, but no one is invincible. Infected use only foam pool noodles (or other melee weapons), and must return to starting point if hit in the head. (Body hit rules vary.) Obviously, when a survivor is hit by a zombie, they become infected.

Final Stand

Same as the water warfare version but obviously plays quite differently indoors.


Symmetrical game where both teams have one VIP to guard. If that VIP is dead, the team may no longer spawn. First team to eliminate the other wins.

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